Servicing your vehicles automatic gearbox is vital. Like other parts of your vehicle, such as the engine, braking system and cooling system, your automatic transmission needs regular servicing to ensure it is in good working order and to prolong its service life. Many manufacturers claim the automatic gearbox is filled for life. But this means 4 years in many cases. Even though oil technology has improved over the years, new oil is better than old, and should be changed. We recommend changing the oil and filter between 40,000 and 80,000kms depending on the make and model.  

At Cajas Automaticas Transmatic we have the latest in transmission oil flushing and changing technology. With the addition of the RTI ATX-2 Pro oil changing machine we can change 100% of the gearboxes oil, something that can only be done with the ATX-2 Pro or similar machine. 

A service for an automatic gearbox only takes a few hours and can help avoid costly transmission failure, and is very rarely performed when your vehicle has its regular service at the dealer.

 It is very important to have the service done by a trained specialist to ensure the correct oil for your transmission is used and the job is done properly. There are many different oils used in today’s automatic transmissions, just one car manufacturer will have many different oil specifications depending on year and model. Using the incorrect oil can lead to shift quality problems and ultimately premature failure. Another problem is refilling the transmission; the filling tube/dip stick is mainly a thing of the past. Most automatic gearboxes have different ways of filling and level checking. For example, a BMW/Jaguar/Audi/Renault and a Mercedes Benz do not fill in the same way, nor can their oil levels be checked in the same way. Not knowing how this is done for each transmission model will result in the oil level being incorrect and causing rapid transmission failure. 

Servicing the 4x4 transfer gearbox and axles is also important, this, in most cases involves a simple oil change and can be carried out